“Creation of a safe and resourceful learning environment for children.”

“Jàng Jàngaan, bo mokkalee, berr sa daara.”
“Teach them well, and they will build the schools of tomorrow.”

Initiation and support of academic exchanges, communication, friendship, understanding, and sustained learning between students, teachers, and faculty, from elementary through university levels, through seminars, workshops, conferences, scholarships, exchanges, email and other media, along with activities such as book/school supplies/ clothing drives, literacy campaigns, teacher training, volunteer and service projects, and others.

Jamarek identified the needs and challenges that students are facing in Senegal in order to help alleviate them.

Our commitment to young learners relies on learning tools and equipment that are crucial in providing access and stability in the classrooms, but also promoting pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, creativity, and reasserts a sense of hope in the future of Senegal.

Jamarek supports schools by providing supplies in the form of:

  • Teaching materials, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, backpacks, and other basic items which are often non-existent or in short supply.
  • School uniforms and shoes. School supplies drives would go a long way in relieving economically challenged families to equip their children with instruments of learning.
  • The core of our sustainable community model is an investment in disadvantaged youth, schools, and children with instruments of learning.

The 21st Century greatest challenge in education is technological. Today, a new paradigm shift dictates which nations or people are ahead of the education of its citizenry. That shift is attributed to the colossal digital divide between developing and developed countries. The West African region, already handicapped by its high level of illiteracy, sees that already large gap widening more and more.
Jamarek is attempting to close that gap and this is how:

  • Our technology donations (desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers, TV, DVD, etc.) will serve as a vehicle to open pocket computer learning centers where free training courses will be administered by volunteers and partners.
  • School supplies drives would go a long way in relieving economically challenged families to equip their children with hi-tech instruments of learning.
  • But above all, we are spearheading a revolutionary program. The Jamarek  Xel-Xeeli’s  project is  an exciting,  robust,  and evolving project that will create and sustain an exciting location where students, faculty, staff, and community members can engage individually or in teams to develop STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) related and integrated projects. Xel-Xeeli is built to provide the location, tools, techniques (education), support, and encouragement for innovative and creative work.

We welcome donations of the aforementioned school, but other types of educational tools and instruments that could contribute to the education of the children.