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Jamarek aims at forming partnerships between medical group and schools in the USA and the public schools and medical facilities in Senegal.  Jamarek will identify the needs and challenges that the school and medical facilities  are facing in Senegal in order to help alleviate them.


“Creation of a safe and resourceful learning environment for children.”

Initiation and support of academic exchanges, communication, friendship, understanding, and sustained learning between students, teachers, and faculty, from elementary through university levels, through seminars, workshops, conferences, scholarships, exchanges, email and other media, along with activities such as book/school supplies/ clothing drives, literacy campaigns, teacher training, volunteer and service projects, and others.


“Provide medical equipment and supplies to hospitals in Senegal”

Jamarek has partnered with the Wisconsin Medical Project to provide medical supplies and equipment to medical facilities in Senegal. The partnership with the Wisconsin Medical Project helped us promote health wellness, enhance access to health, and create more resilient communities that are confronted with health care issues.


“Promote and Support Entrepreneurship”

Jamarek  will undertake projects that promote business development, access to capital for local entrepreneurs, small business development, commercial revitalization, housing development and other issues that foster the economic growth and development of the targeted communities. We will carry out or support community economic development projects designed to improve the quality of life for residents in underdeveloped minority communities we operate in.