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Xel-Xeeli Academy

Jamarek  Xel-Xeeli’s  project is  an exciting,  robust,  and evolving project that will create and sustain an exciting location where students, faculty, staff and community members can engage individually or in teams to develop STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) related and integrated projects. Xel-Xeeli is built to provide the location, tools, techniques (education), support, and encouragement for innovative and creative work

Xel-Xeeli Academy Senegal

Xel-Xeeli Senegal Art Workshop

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Xel-Xeeli Academy Malawi

xelxeeli malawi
Joel and Wakisa learning how to blink an LED using an Arduino

Xel-Xeeli Workshop Barneveld, WI, USA

Xel-Xeeli Workshop Madison College

Xel-Xeeli Academy Malawi

Xel-Xeeli Mission 

Xel-Xeeli Academy has been designed and implemented primarily to foster community involvement; robust teaching and learning; and teacher and student’s engagement in a inclusive environment that provides support to learners in resources, technical assistance, physical space, and collaboration.

Matc Workshop


The mission of Jamarek Xel-Xeeli Academy  is to promote and facilitate intercultural exchange between students around the world in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math fields of study (STEAM). The Academy will provide tools, resources, training and entrepreneurial opportunities pursued by its participants.

 Xel-Xeeli Academy will provide venues where students, staff  and business partners can consult, collaborate, and create with appropriate technology and their own shared skills, inspiration, and resources.


The vision of Jamarek Xel-Xeeli Academy  is to create an autonomous, school community-driven shared space with access to tools for friendly, collaborative, inspirational, technical, and artistic expression and experimentation.
  • Promote and facilitate Intercultural exchanges
  • Allows for community collaborations
  • Transfer technology and craftmanship through workshops
  • Enable reciprocity in learning and creation 

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